Do you have a relative that is unable to care for themselves because of physical or mental issues? If so you may know how difficult it can be to care for that person without the proper legal authority. It is common for a person in this situation to deny that they cannot care for themselves and to be angry that they are having trouble getting along day to day. Without the proper action, a person in need of a guardian or conservator can be taken advantage of financially and left with no means to care for themselves. That is why Georgia provides for what is called a guardianship proceeding to determine whether or not an individual is in need of a guardian or conservator. If the court determines that a person is unable to care for themselves they become what is called a Ward.

There are two types of court appointed representatives for a ward: a “Guardian” and a “Conservator”. A Guardian is appointed when a Ward is incapable of taking care of himself or herself and a guardian is responsible for making day to day decisions such as where the Ward lives, where the Ward receives medical care and what type of medical care is needed. A Conservator will be appointed to handle a Ward’s money and property, with court supervision, if the Ward is found to be incapable of handling day to day financial decisions.

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